About Us

About Us

Veterans ASCEND is a new system that is changing the way veterans and employers connect. We translate 1,000+ military skill codes into transferable skills employers understand. Then, we eliminate guesswork and facilitate the connection between the veteran and the employer. Here’s how our system works.

Veterans: Create a FREE skills profile based on your military experience, education & training, licenses, and certifications. Then, you indicate your desired work location, availability, and salary requirements. That’s it. Employers connect with you based on your skills profile.

Employers: Create unlimited job profiles listing the required skills for your job vacancies. Our system matches your job profiles to the veteran’s skills profile with the highest percentage of match criteria. Once you’ve viewed their profile, you can reach out to the veteran with the confidence they have the skills you are looking for.

How We Got Here

Veterans ASCEND was created by veterans for veterans. During our transition out of the military, and our subsequent work in the Human Resources field, we learned a few things: 1) Veterans can have a hard time translating their military experience into skills for the civilian sector hiring process. 2) Veterans spend countless hours on job boards submitting resumes and never receive feedback. 3) Employers across the country can have a hard time connecting with veterans if they are not close to a military installation. 4) Employers may not understand a military resume and how a veteran’s work history translates to the skills they need for their company. 5) Factor in the limited time HR departments have to review resumes, and veterans can be quickly overlooked for positions they are qualified for. The Veterans ASCEND model answers these issues and decreases the time to hire in the process.


Robyn Grable, Founder & CEO, is a Navy veteran with 30 years of HR experience and a member of SHRM. She is the founder of two other companies and has worked with veteran service organizations such as the Upstate Warrior Solution. It's through her personal transition out of the Navy and her work helping place veterans with employers that she masterminded the Veterans ASCEND model.

Stacey Wiggins, COO, is a retired Air Force veteran with over 26 years of military service in the telecommunications & cyber career fields. After two years in a post-military project management role he joined Robyn to form Veterans ASCEND. 

For more information, or a personalized consultation, contact us at talent@veteransascend.com