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Launching Fall 2019 - Veterans ASCEND expands to include Military Spouses!

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The Why?

As technology continues to change both our economy and the workplace, our workforce can no longer stick within one industry for an entire career. Likewise, employers struggling to meet their talent needs must look outside of their industry to find skilled candidates. However, changing from one industry to another can be daunting given the challenges in translating skills and job titles in one industry to job requirements in another. Our military veterans are predominantly challenged in this regard when changing from military jobs to civilian careers.  Our technical innovation is a completely new way for employees to change industries using their skills and for employers to connect with skilled candidates outside of today’s existing methodologies.

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Automatically translates skills for the veteran: Our program converts military occupations into skills employers are looking for. Increasing veteran employment success by capitalizing on their skills. The service is FREE for veterans. More information for Veterans

Automatically matches skills for the employer: Employers instantly know what skills veterans have based on their military service. Decreases time to hire and provides employers the ability to look at a veteran's skills across their organization. Monthly subscription service - No placement fee. More information for Employers

Veterans use this service for FREE.

Employers choose a monthly subscription level to unlock the contact information of veterans. No additional placement fee. 

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It's all about Skills. Right Person. Right Job.

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Veterans ASCEND is a Veteran-Owned company whose mission is to connect the Right Person to the Right Job.

Our veterans and military spouses.

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