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The Why?

and underemployment
at a rate 15.6% higher
than non-military job seekers.

Current job boards or
even direct hire placement
services do not fill the gap on
connecting employers
and military talent.


Veterans ASCEND translates, connects and aligns employers and military talent.

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Automatically translates skills for the veteran: Our program converts military occupations into skills using unique data sets and proprietary algorithms. Increasing veteran employment success by capitalizing on their skills. The service is FREE for veterans. More information for Veterans

Automatically aligns skills, location and salary to the employer: Employers choose the skills they need and Veterans ASCEND instantly matches them to candidates who have those skills. Faster results, simplifed process, decreased costs and increased profits. Subscription service - Not pay per job. No placement fee.  More information for Employers

Veterans use this service for FREE.

Employers choose a subscription level to unlock the contact information of candidates.  

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Connecting Employers and Military Talent

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Veterans ASCEND is a Veteran-Owned company connecting employers and military talent. 

Our mission is to make employers successful at hiring military talent so our military families can be successful civilians.

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